ST. CLOUD - It's the day of the third and final presidential debate before election time, and many students at St. Cloud State University will be casting a vote for the first time.

Caitlin Carter is one of them. She says she didn't consider herself to be a political person at all until she reached voting age.

Fellow student Brandon Desatel agrees that voting has contributed to his interest in politics. He says being able to vote in his first election year has prompted him to do more thinking on the issues.

Carter says she's burned out on politics, but she'll watch tonight's debate. Like many of her friends, she has political beliefs, but is tired of campaign rhetoric and attack ads.

As for Desatel, he's not very interested in seeing the candidates debate again. He prefers independent research over debates, political attack ads and posters.

Tonight's debate kicks off at 9p.m. and focuses on foreign policy issues.