ST. CLOUD -- The River's Edge Convention Center held the annual Fall Fun Fest tonight.

With freezing temperatures outside, thousands of trick-or-treaters and their parents headed indoors to enjoy the festivities.

Pastor Brian Gobar of the Joy Christian Center has been involved with the event for years.

"Fall Fun Fest is something that we began several years ago - actually, just for our church," Gobar says.

"Over the course of time, it's evolved into a really big celebration."

Fall Fun Fest offered nearly 100 games and activities that kids could win candy at.

"The event itself is an opportunity for kids to get candy...we literally have a couple of tons of candy to give away tonight," Gobar says.

Along with the games, the event featured inflatable bounce houses and a puppet show in their "Pumpkin Patch Theater."

Gobar says that he has enjoyed seeing the success the event has had over the years and the joy it brings to the kids who attend.

"As a pastor...for our church to come together and do a big event like this and...[to see[ the smiling faces as an end result - we love that."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON