You're looking around you at work and you notice more than the normal empty cubes, desks and offices. It's probably due to a particularly viral flu season. Now you're starting to wonder how you can keep the bug from sidelining you.

One answer is to watch what you're eating. CentraCare Registered Dietician Diane Giambruno told Pete & Doug from The Midday Show on WJON, that there's really no 'magic bullet food' that is going to singularly boost your immune system in a short period of time and ward off the flu.

Diane's advice to us is to try and eat those healthy foods all year long, and stop searching for one certain berry or herb that might just have a lot of overblown hype attached to it. She said fruits and vegetables are obviously important in your diet, but don't neglect other food-stuffs, like proteins.

You can listen to the entire interview from The Midday Show with Pete & Doug below.

Diane Giambruno is a Registered Dietician at CentraCare's Heart & Vascular Center at the
St. Cloud Hospital. You can reach her at 320-251-2700 Ext. 57449.