6th District U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON for his monthly appearance.  Emmer praised many of the accomplishments by the Trump Administration including "Operation Warp Speed" but denounced the January 6th Capitol breech saying the violence was unacceptable.  He says he'd like things to become "boring" or "normal" again in Washington. Emmer would like to see the Covid-19 vaccine rollout continue to move forward under the Biden administration.  I asked Emmer if there is division in the Republican party.  He responded with saying there is division with the Democratic party with those pushing a socialist agenda like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Acasio-Cortez versus other more traditional democrats.


Congressman Emmer introduced 3 new bills in January which includes a proposal to help pay for infrastructure for Minnesota highways, intersections and bridges.  That same bill also looks to add federal dollars for farmers.  He also talked about the STARTS Act (Safe Teachers Return to School) which allocates dollars to teachers as they return to in-person teaching.  The third bill aims to eradicate elder abuse and protect aging Americans.  Learn more about these bills here.

Tom Emmer joins me the first Monday of each month at 8:15 a.m. on WJON.

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