District 742 ballot, Photo by WJON.com's Alex Svejkovsky

ST. CLOUD - Voters in the St. Cloud Area School District rejected a $167 million bond referendum today (Tuesday).

With 13 precincts - out of 13 - as well as Absentee ballots reporting, there are 7,393 'yes' votes, and 8,460 'no' votes. That's 53 percent voting no, and 47 percent voting yes.

Nine precincts had a majority of their voters vote no, including: Apollo, Clearview, Discovery, Lincoln, Madison, Colts Academy, St. Augusta, Talahi, and Tech.

The four precincts that had a majority of their voters voting yes were: SCSU, St. John's, Oakhill, and Westwood.

District 742 Superintendent Willie Jett says it's back to the drawing board.

For the supports please do not lose faith, because we will be at this again. The board, district administration, and community will have to reanalyze and figure out how to come back and serve our students and community the best way we can.

School Board Chairman Dennis Whipple says tomorrow (Wednesday) will be hard.

If you see a teacher or student it's going to be hard to look them in the eye, it's really going to be hard. Let's all do really well tomorrow for them.


If the referendum would have passed, $113.8 million would have been used to build a new Tech High School, $46.5 million to renovate Apollo High School, $4.2 million for technology upgrades, and $2.5 million for security improvements at all of the district's schools.

School Board member Bruce Mohs, Photo by WJON.com's Dan DeBaun
School board member Bruce Mohs, and Tech Principal Charlie Eisenreich, Photo by WJON.com's Dan DeBaun