CentraCare spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today.  He says the recent confirmed Covid-19 cases in the St. Cloud area are from younger people in their 20s.  He says these confirmed cases are outpatients and do not need to be hospitalized at this time.  He says the number of people who are hospitalized and in the ICU are continuing to go down at St. Cloud Hospital.


Dr. Morris says masks are encouraged for people to wear both inside and outside in highly populated area were people are in close proximity.  He says when people are outside, in their home or in their car masks are not needed.  He says masks are not only to protect the people you are around but can protect those who are wearing them.  He says recent studies indicate that masks can offer some protection from droplets for those wearing the masks.

Today ABC News is reporting that 35 states are seeing large increases in Covid-19 cases.  Dr. Morris says he is monitoring how other states have handled re-openings and says we can learn from other states.  Morris says bars and restaurants can stay open for dine-in and for outside dinning if people are responsible, social distance and wear masks when appropriate.  Morris also says sports can happen with limited spectators if those in attendance can follow guidelines put out by the CDC and Minnesota Health Department.

A recent study indicated that people with Type A blood development more severe symptoms as opposed to those with A/B or type O.  Dr. Morris says they continue to learn more about the virus.

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