ST. CLOUD -- With a priority on transparency, District 742 is moving forward on planning for the future of their Lake George Properties.

Superintendent Willie Jett shared his proposal for planning the District's next steps at Wednesday night's board meeting.

Some of the major points were creating a task-force made up of community members, led by Jett and Mayor Dave Kleis, regular reports brought on the progress of the plans, and hiring an experienced urban planner.

A tentative timeline was set up at the meeting:

  • Between now and September's meeting - appoint three board members to head the community committee.
  • September - October: Set up task force with City of St. Cloud and other community pillars.
  • October: 1st task force meeting.

The board had a few issues with the proposal, centered around language specifically taking objection to the overuse of the term "district", wanting to ensure they won't repeat the perceived missteps that spawned a protest outside their meeting last month.

Jett's initial proposal got a "nod" of approval, and he will be presenting a finalized version at the next board meeting.

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