ST. CLOUD -- As District 742 gets ready to move into the new Tech High School, they now know where most of the furniture for the new school is coming from.

The board approved a series of contracts for the different sets of furniture for the new school at the meeting Thursday night. Wenger will provide the furniture for music and art, for $101,461. KI will handle tables and chairs in the commons and FACS rooms for $37,411.

Northern Business Products will handle furniture in the commons, admin offices and staff spaces for $1,184,126. General Office Products will handle a small station charging and power system for $28,935. Finally, the learning neighborhoods, media center, outdoor furniture and mobile bookshelves will be handled by Intereum, for $1,172,563.

There is around $1,003,378 that's spread between other equipment, which they haven't picked out vendors for yet.

The district expected to pay $4,200,000 for the full school, however, the district thinks, for now, it will come to $3,527,876.

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