SARTELL -- A valve manufacturer in Sartell is expanding their local facility. DeZURIK Incorporated announced Thursday plans to expand production in Sartell, as well as open a new rapid fulfillment facility near Houston, Texas.

As part of this restructuring, DeZURIK will gradually phase out of the company's location in Schaumburg, Illinois. They've operated there since DeZURIK acquired the APCO brand seven years ago. Roughly two-thirds of the volume from that facility will be moved to Sartell.

The company expects to hire about 30 new employees, as well as make capital improvements to the Sartell location. Vice President of Marketing Nancy Gregson says they currently have 340 employees at the Sartell location.

The remaining volume will move to the new location near Houston, which will better serve their customer base in the southern part of the country.

The target date for the completion of the transition is March of next year.

The Schaumburg facility has about 60 employees, who will have the ability to apply for jobs in Sartell and Houston.

According to their website, DeZURIK was started in Sartell in 1928.