SARTELL -- The increased popularity of the library locker system inside the Sartell Community Center has been a welcoming site for staff at the Great River Regional Library.

The three year pilot program launched back in October 2017, to allow patrons to order books and pickup their materials without having to go to library.

Abby Faulkner with Great River Regional Library says the demand for books has been so high, the 44 lockers are constantly full.

We estimate 11,500 items were checked out throughout 2018 and delivered to that system. Which is a lot of materials.

Currently library staff delivers books and materials on Tuesdays and Fridays for pickup, with readers having seven days to get their books from the lockers.

Faulkner says because book orders outpace the number of lockers available, library staff is reminding patrons to pick up materials in a timely manner.

We don't ever want to have a locker log jam because materials are not picked up. One of the things we ask is if you request items and get that alert your materials are there, try and get them within 48 hours.

Faulkner says they are about halfway through the pilot program and so far there has been no talk on what will happen when it ends. But they expect to have that conversation with the city once the deadline nears.

The library locker system is open every day when the community center is open.