ST. CLOUD -- A new event space is opening up in an old downtown St. Cloud building. "Room 27" is the name of the space inside the Daniel Building at 27 7th Avenue North.

Megan Johnson is the Catering Coordinator for Old Capital Tavern. She says clients are drawn to the downtown for their special occasions.

What I've experienced in my past with booking events, people love to be downtown.  There's a vibe downtown that you can't get elsewhere.  So just having this space and being within walking distance of other great venues and places to be at.  People want this.

She says the open space will be able to seat up to 125 people.

We are keeping it a very convertible space. We want to be able to have it as small as 20 for a quiet intimate dinner, or a board lunch.  Or, if you want to do a rehearsal dinner or a full wedding.

Johnson says they've already started booking a few events for the next couple of weeks.

Aaron Salzer owns Old Capital Tavern and he also owns the Daniel Building. Johnson describes it as an extension of the restaurant.

Daniel Building, Photo by's Jim Maurice
Daniel Building, Photo by's Jim Maurice

The space was most recently "Konrad's Wine Bar" from March 2015 until June 2016, before that it was "Taste of Seattle" Coffee Shop, and "Waldo's Pizza Joynt".

Daniel Building

It was the original home of the Daniel Funeral Home, and the building next door was the Daniel Furniture Company -- it was common back in the old days to own a furniture and funeral business together because the craftsmen would make both the cabinets and caskets.  In 1966 the Daniels moved from their 30-year downtown location to a new building on 2nd Street North.

If you want to book Room 27 for an event, you can contact Johnson at Old Capital Tavern.

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