National "Stop the Red Week" is taking place August 6-12.  William Van Koevering with MN-Dot in St. Cloud hast the following information about the dangers or running red lights and failing to stop and stop signs.:

Running stop signs, stop lights, and railroad crossings can be deadly – whether it is a driver who is distracted and doesn’t see the stop sign, a driver who intentionally runs the stop sign, or a driver who initially stops and proceeds without seeing the oncoming car or motorcycle or misjudges the gap. Intersection safety is an essential aspect of road safety in our communities.

These simple tips can keep drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists safe at intersections.

  • Avoid distractions like loud music or conversation.
  • Stop at the painted stop bar or before the crosswalk; if no pavement markings are present, stop before the stop sign.
  • Scan for hazards before entering the intersection by looking left, proper, straight ahead, and then left again.
  • Watch the vehicles in front of you, behind you, beside you, and in oncoming traffic.
  • Never drive around a lowering gate or ignore signals at a railroad crossing.

Intersection safety is the responsibility of every driver – not just during Stop on Red Week, but every day and every time someone gets behind the wheel. Together, we can drive Minnesota toward zero deaths.

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The amount of traffic related fatalities in the state year to date is at 219 which is pacing behind last year's numbers which had 246 fatalities at this time in 2022.  The total amount of traffic fatalities in 2022 was 444.

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