ALBANY -- Next week a new Princess Kay of the Milky Way will be crowned on the grounds of the Minnesota State Fair.

Four of the 10 finalists are from Stearns County including 19-year-old Kallie Frericks of Albany. She says she's no stranger to the State Fair and loves the event's atmosphere.

Usually, my State Fair is filled with a lot of showing cattle, but this year I'll have a mix of both dairy and pigs as well as Princess Kay duties.  If I am chosen as Princess Kay, all of my duties at the State Fair will be Princess Kay-related.  Other than that, I'll have four days where I'm with Princess Kay if I'm not Princess Kay, and the rest will be livestock related.

Frericks says she especially loves the all-you-can-drink milk booth.

As a dairy princess finalist, her main message is that farmers care about their operations.

And it's not only for their animals, but it's for their land and the people that consume their products.  At the end of the day farmers' main goal is to provide a safe and nutritious product for everyone to enjoy.

Frericks will be a sophomore this fall at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where she is majoring in Ag Business with a minor in Animal Science. She says she wants to be an ag lender some day.

Her favorite dairy product is cheese.

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Judging for Princess Kay of the Milky Way starts on Monday with the coronation next Wednesday night.

Earlier this month we also talked to the other three Stearns County finalists Alex Christen of Sauk Centre, Hailey Frericks of Albany, and Briana Maus of Freeport.

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