March is colorectal cancer awareness month.  I talked with Cancer Control Strategic Partnerships Manager Matt Flory from the American Cancer Society today.  He says colorectal cancer is very preventable and there are many ways to get screened which includes a colonoscopy and a Cologuard colon cancer screening at home test.  Flory says both forms can be affective and people should ask their doctor to determine what makes the most sense for them.  Listen to our conversation below.


Colorectal cancer numbers have gone down and the survival rate has gone up in recent years.  Flory says last year at this time screenings were put on hold due to the pandemic and he is looking to remind everyone of the importance of screening.  He says early detection makes a big difference in someone's chances of survival.  He says blood in your stool is a strong indication that something is wrong.  This could be a sign of colorectal cancer but that isn't always the case.  He says age and family history play a big role in the likelihood of colorectal cancer.  Flory also says men are slightly more likely to get colorectal cancer and men are less likely to get screened in a timely fashion.  Flory says the American Cancer Society is now recommending people get a colonoscopy at the age of 45 while most doctors still suggest that 50 is the age for the first colonoscopy unless a person has a family history which means they need a colonoscopy sooner.

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