ST. CLOUD – Coborn’s says it has added a new measure to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in stores.

The St. Cloud-based company Thursday said employees have started using electrostatic cleaning sprayers to disinfect shopping carts after each use.

“Once carts have been returned to cart areas, staff uses the Victory Cordless Sprayer to lightly mist disinfectant on the carts,” Coborn’s said. “Once carts are cleaned, they are pushed forward for guests as they enter the store.”

Coborn’s says the cart-spraying process usually takes about two minutes and is done throughout the day depending on the amount of business in the store.

The company has mandated a variety of safety measures during the pandemic, including mandatory masks for store employees, plexiglass shields in checkout areas, social distancing practices and hand sanitizing stations.

Coborn’s instituted a mask policy for shoppers back in July.

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