ST. CLOUD - The GREAT Theatre Company is back, and this time, they're staging the world famous J.R.R. Tolkien novel, "The Hobbit."

The intricately staged and lit production follows the adventures of hobbit Bilbo Baggins, as he travels through Tolkien's imaginary Middle Earth with a cast of characters, including elves, dwarves and wizards.

Kerry Kopp is the St. Cloud Tech High School Theater director, who also plays Gandalf the Grey - the wizard who leads Bilbo's journey.

Kopp says he, along with one of his theater students, Jonah Meyer, are big fans of the novel. So, they auditioned for the show together.

Kopp says one of his favorite things about this production is being part of a 33-member cast of actors, young and old, from all over central Minnesota.

The curtain goes up on "The Hobbit" on Friday, October 12, 7p.m. at the Paramount Theatre. For a link to a list of showtimes and ticket prices, visit the GREAT Theatre's website.