ST. CLOUD -- You have the chance to help victims of sexual assault in the St. Cloud metro-area by becoming a Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center volunteer.

Brianna Temple is with the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center. She says in their effort to recruit more volunteers they are kicking off their spring training sessions next Monday, February 5. The total training is 53-hours long. Temple says they partner with several organizations to help provide a good overview of the subject.

"We're taking information from different partner agencies, having county attorneys come in and the hospital. We have staff from our sexual assault nurse examiner program coming in. We have staff from the center that who are also going to be speaking on human trafficking, rape culture, prostitution, pornography, child victims, just a variety of different topics."

Volunteers will help provide information to victims on the center's 24-hour crisis phone line, at medical facilities and at law enforcement centers. Volunteers can work shifts from home.

Temple says if you're interested in becoming a volunteer they ask that you commit to one year, with serving two shifts a month. They also would like you to come out to various events throughout the year if possible.

"We have a variety of events that we go to, to talk about our services and give information out to the community, so we ask our volunteers to help us out with that."

If you'd like to sign up to become a volunteer call Temple at 320-251-4357 or go online to 

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