Tis the season! All of the Decorating, Lights, Shopping and Gathering is in full swing. With all that’s going on, your time and resources can be limited. 

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But if you find yourself wanting to give back by volunteering, there’s an organization that can help those that are 55 and older to see where you can get involved.  

Americorps Seniors RSVP serves Stearns, Benton, Sherburne and Wright Counties and makes it very easy to see all the opportunities that have a need.  

There are many volunteering roles that you can enjoy that include: 

Assisting with Bingo weekly to twice a month 

Escorting residents to places like chapel, special events, or the beauty shop etc.  

Protestant old people`s centre Siegburg, Nurse does old woman`s hair.
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Being a Knitting or Crocheting Companion that can assist residents in with their efforts with these types of projects. It is requested that you’re available twice a month at least if not weekly.  

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If you have pets who love attention, there are opportunities in Albertville, Otsego, or Elk River to bring your “fur-friend” in for the chance to make new friends. You must prove the pet has had all their vaccinations and your pet must be well behaved to be considered for this role.   

Scenes of a pet therapy session run by the ASPCA t
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Again, these are just a few of the possibilities over the four-county area that is being served. The time required varies from opportunity to opportunity, but you can do something as little as once per month to help make a difference.  

Oh yeah, this website is available year-round, not just during the holiday season. So even if you’re not ready to try to commit during the Christmas season, maybe Volunteering can be a part of your New Years Resolution.  

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