BRAINERD, Minn. (AP) - The Brainerd Public Utilities Board has decided to stop chlorinating the city's water.

A storm knocked out the Brainerd water system's pressure last month, opening the door to possible contamination. Public Utilities Superintendent Scott Magnuson says the whole system had to be flushed with chlorine.

Chlorine has been added steadily to the water ever since. Reports say on Tuesday, the utilities board decided to stop chlorinating.

Since Brainerd does not chlorinate on a permanent basis, the water system is open to bacterial contamination. In the last 30 years, the system has been compromised three times.

Brainerd residents historically have been skeptical about the benefits of adding chemicals to water. Brainerd didn't add fluoride to its drinking water until the 1980s following a 30-year debate.

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