ST. CLOUD -- After months of planning and practice the Boys and Girls Club of Central Minnesota put on their third annual spring showcase at the Paramount Theatre Wednesday night.

Katie Ruprecht - Wittrock is the Lead Visual Artist Mentor for the Boys and Girls Club. She says, there's a variety of things displayed at each showcase.

"We have some youth going on stage to showcase the work they've done whether that's singing or dancing, some of our fashion designers will be preforming a live-action role play, just to showcase some of the things we do."

Aimee Minnerath is the Youth Arts Initiative Director for Boys and Girls Club of Central Minnesota. She says, the "We Are One" theme was meant to inspire togetherness.

"The purpose of "We Are One" is to really inspire cultural understanding and cultural healing for this community."

She adds it's amazing to see what the kids came up with.

"It's really amazing what these young people have come up with, we're talking about 10 to 14-year-old's so giving them this opportunity to develop their skills in the arts has been an amazing process for them."

About 100 kids took part in the "We Are One" showcase, all took home awards at the end of the night.

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