SAUK RAPIDS -- All grade levels in the Sauk Rapids-Rice School district returned to full in-person learning at the start of this month.

Superintendent Brad Bergstrom says they are still offering Distance Learning-Family Choice for students who want to continue to take classes from home. He says it's an option that several high school level students are taking.

Particularly at the high school level, we saw an increase in the number of families who chose to do the distance learning versus what we saw at the other levels particularly at the elementary level we actually began to see more kids coming back in.

Bergstrom says at the middle school level it has been about a wash with the same number of distance learners now as what they had earlier this school year.

What will the rest of this school year look like? Bergstrom says it's hard to predict what lies ahead with COVID-19, but they are cautiously planning for several traditional spring events.

We are cautiously optimistic that we're going to be able to have some of those things like prom and graduation.  What they are going to look like is yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, the district continues to help staff get the COVID-19 vaccine for those who want it, but because the district doesn't have access to the information as to who has received the shot and who has declined, it is difficult to say how many - or what percentage - of staff have been vaccinated.

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