ST. CLOUD -- The Paramount Theatre hosts many plays, musicals and concerts throughout the year, but to get to the performances requires hours of work.

Chuck Norwood is the technical and maintenance director at the paramount, who along

with a staff of three, make up the production team.

"We want one backstage at all times, one at the sound board and one to work the lights," says Norwood.

They are also responsible for making sure each light is set for every show.

On the left of the stage is a stairway of two flights. The first containing storage rooms full of lights, gels and cables, but that wasn't their original purpose.

"These rooms used to be the original dressing rooms of the theatre," says Norwood.

Above that is the theatres fly system which helps drop down lighting and backdrops.

Underneath the theatre sits many areas such as a green room, art classrooms and the pit. The pit is the front part of the stage that can be adjusted to set up orchestras or moving sets.

However the best seat in the house goes to the catwalk which was added to the theatre back in 1998.

"All these areas are pretty much filled with lights, and once you're sitting down and focusing and doing everything you need to do with the lights, you pretty much need to try to fall out," says Norwood.

The Paramount Theatre was known as movie theatre in 1921 called Sherman Theatres and much of the original fixtures are still there today.

Crews at the Paramount Theatre work hard to set up for the nights show. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)