ST. JOSEPH -- Thousands flooded the streets of downtown St. Joseph for the annual Millstream Arts Festival, which highlights the unique works of artists from all over central Minnesota.

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon with sunny skies and warm weather for people to enjoy the works of art, live music, food and other festivities.

One popular attraction was the assortment of handmade cigar box guitars made by Sauk Centre blues musician Mike Olson.

"Yeah, they just have a unique look, people are always stopping by to [check them out]," says Olson, who began making cigar box guitars last winter.

"Every one is different -- as you approach it, you're doing it different every time and I think that's what I like about [making them]."

Olson says his favorite part of the festival is getting out and interacting with the community on a beautiful day.

"I get a reason to sit outside and play my guitars, so you can't beat that."

Another crowd favorite was the sculptures made from various discarded metal objects done by Rick Murphy.

"People will be walking by and all of a sudden they see one of Rick's sculptures and they just smile," says Rick's wife, Deb, who is from in St. Joseph and says she likes coming back each year to visit with the people she grew up with.

"We lived in St. Joe for 34 years, so it's like home for us," Deb Murphy says. "We get to see people we worked with, friends, and repeat customers -- it's great, it's fun."


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON