ST. CLOUD -- Award-winning Documentary filmmaker Byron Hurt spoke at St. Cloud State University yesterday.

Hurt was at the University speaking out about "Locker Room Talk and Toxic Masculinity". He has been on the forefront of the subject for over 20 years, releasing multiple films and speaking all around the country.

Hurt says he decided to speak out on the issue because he thought he could make a change.

"I was encouraged to speak out on these issues with my influence. These were issues that not a lot of men were speaking out about."

Hurt says he is trying to help the world be a place with equal opportunities for everyone.

"I think what were trying to do is create a social system that is fair and equitable for everyone."

The subject of inequality between the sexes can be uncomfortable for some to talk about. Hurt says that just because something is uncomfortable to talk about, does not mean it shouldn't be discussed.

"I firmly believe that in order to solve the problem you have to name the problem. I don't think we are doing any favors by watering down language to make people feel comfortable. I think we need to name it and as long as you're being honest, authentic and genuine there is no reason to make yourself seem less threatening."

Hurt has also made a film about soul food in African-American culture and is currently working on a film about hazing in American culture.

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