WAITE PARK -- With an Excessive Heat Warning in affect and temperatures over 100, residents are finding several ways to stay cool.

From chilling in the pool, to running around a splash pad there are many ways to beat the heat.

The St. Cloud Metro area has many wading pools and splash pads you can cool off in. Two favorite destinations are River's Edge Park and Lake George.

You could jump in the car and lounge at the beach with a cold drink, umbrella and a lunch.

Or you can visit central Minnesota's top destination for water fun at Quarry Park and Nature Preserve. If you rather chill the new Quarry 11 beach is perfect for family fun, but if you feel a little more adventurous take a leap of faith off one of the high rocks awaiting at Quarry 2.

What ever you decide this summer is shaping up to be the warmest we've had in five years.