UNDATED (WJON News) -- Amazon has announced pay increases for its U.S. front-line employees, along with a new benefit that enables employees to collect their pay at any point during the month.

Average starting pay for front-line employees in customer fulfillment and transportation is increasing from $18 per hour to more than $19 per hour, with employees earning up to $26 per hour depending on their position and location in the U.S.

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Amazon is also expanding its pay access program, Anytime Pay, to all employees across the U.S.  Anytime Pay gives Amazon employees access to up to 70 percent of their eligible earned pay, whenever they choose and without fees.  They say the goal is to give workers control over their pay schedule.  Previously, most Amazon employees received their regular pay once or twice monthly.  Anytime Pay now offers employees access to their earned pay as often as they like.

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