This week on WJON's Health Matters program I was joined by Dr. Ted Truitt from St. Cloud ENT.  Our topic is allergies.  He says allergy sufferers are already seeing some concerns this spring.  Trees a budding, grasses are growing and allergies are becoming a factor.  Truitt says windy and rainy days can be the most challenging for those suffering from allergies.  He says the good news is that there are many over the counter options which include antihistamines and nose sprays.  He says itchy eyes and stuffy nose are common symptoms that can be treated with over the counter medication.  Truitt says when those treatments aren't enough allergy shots and surgeries are options.  Listen to our conversation below.





Dr. Truit says sometimes rhinitis and sinusitis can be confused with allergies so a visit to a Ear, Nose and Throat doctor can be beneficial.  He says they have many in office options that can clear up these issues for the long term.  Truitt says polyps can grow in the nose and cause a person to have trouble breathing through their nose.  He says surgery can be done to remove these polyps but they are likely to grow back in a few years.  Allergy tests that are done range from the prick test, blood test or scratch test.  Truitt says people can acquire allergies or grow out of them but most people just learn to manage them.  Truitt says if allergy medication doesn't work well for people they should consider visiting him at St. Cloud ENT to see if the problem isn't allergy related or give patients another option.

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