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AVON -- It's one of  the most iconic trails in Minnesota that continues to draw thousands of bicyclists, walkers and skaters every year.

Built back in 1998 the Lake Wobegon Trail System including the 55 miles of the Central Minnesota Trails.

Cliff Borgerding is the president of the Lake Wobegon Trails Association. He says the trail has miles of beautiful sites and scenery to see.

"People can ride and see some of the most beautiful scenery and stops in Minnesota."

However, after fifteen years of use the trail is starting to show signs of aging with cracks, pot holes and tree root damage.

"There really hasn't been any major maintenance done on the trail and it's time to start identifying stretches that need major repair."

Borgerding says the Stearns County Parks Department is applying for a grant from the state's Legacy Fund to help pay for some repairs.

"We hope that with the grant money along with what we get from Stearns County that we can make the necessary repairs to keep the trail around for years to come."

The Lake Wobegon Trail will eventually connect with other trail systems in Central Minnesota combining for a total of about 500 miles of paved connected trails.


Lake Wobegon Trail starting to show signs of aging. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)