ST. CLOUD -- I followed St. Cloud Fire Station One during their Saturday overnight shift to see what their job was like after Midnight.

Within fifteen minutes upon my arrival, the fire crew was sent out on a medical related call. The Fire Department is a first responder, so they received frequent medical calls during the time I spent at the station.

The fire crew worked side-by-side with Gold Cross until their diabetic patient was well enough to respond to questions. Minutes after the crew piled back into the firetruck, they were sent out on another call.

Firefighter, Pete Kedrowski says when you're a firefighter on duty, you sleep when you can.

The crew received a call about sparking lights caused by water leakage. They checked out the situation and cut off power to the light system to prevent a possible fire hazard.

Before they could get some sleep, they had to write up incident reports for each of the four calls they responded to during my time at the station. Kedrowski says he learns something new on the job everyday.

See a video of my experience at Fire Station One below: