ST. CLOUD -- If you're looking for information on resources or care for yourself or your parents in the golden years, then next Saturday's Expo for Seniors is a place you want to be.

The expo will be at the River's Edge Convention Center, and is free to attend.

The event started at the Whitney Senior Center, until spokeswoman Sue Christensen says they need the extra space.

"Three years ago we changed locations just for that reason - we've grown and we needed that space for vendors and attendees."

Spokeswoman Jodi Speicher says a lot of who they see at the expo are people looking for info for their parents.

"We get a lot of adult children who come looking for information for their parents."

There will be a free breakfast from 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. You can park in the center square ramp, or public lot across from St. Mary's and catch a free shuttle from Executive Express.

This year's expo will have over 100 vendors.

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