COLD SPRING - Dive teams are back in the Sauk River in Cold Spring today (Monday)searching for a 20 gauge shotgun authorities believe was used to kill Officer Tom Decker.

During a news conference this afternoon, the BCA's Drew Evans says the dive teams are expected to be in the water today and tomorrow (Tuesday).  He says they still believe it was a shotgun that was used in the killing of Decker, despite a report released over the weekend that indicates officer Greg Reiter saw the shooter holding a handgun.

He says they're also looking for the public's help to find the owner of a van seen in the area of the shooting.

Evans says the van they are searching for was seen in the parking lot around the time of the shooting, then headed west down Main Street.

Authorities also announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the cast.  They have two electronic billboards up in St. Cloud, as well as a paper billboard in Cold Spring.  There have been over 200 tips so far.

To make an anonymous tip:
1-877-782-5683 for the Stearns County Tip Line
1-877-996-6222 for the BCA Tip Line
email a tip to the BCA

In light of a police report that came out over the weekend, reporters also asked a lot of questions about the second officer that was at the scene that night, part-time officer Greg Reiter.  However, Evans gave few additional details.  He says Reiter has been interviewed several times and continues to be cooperative.  Reiter is on standard administrative leave right now.  One reporter asked if Reiter is considered to be a suspect.  Evans would not answer that question directly.  Evans was also asked if Reiter acted appropriately, which he declined to comment on as well.

The man who was arrested an hour after the shooting, 34-year-old Ryan Larson, remains a person of interest, even though he has not been charged.