ST. CLOUD -- A woman formerly of St. Cloud has pleaded guilty to felony drug possession stemming from sales of methamphetamine and theft and stolen property charges.

Thirty-six-year-old Melissa Ziwicki of Foley pleaded guilty to the drug charges after a March 2018 bust that uncovered methamphetamine and other drugs inside her north St. Cloud rental house. A second renter, 25-year-old Alicia Allen previously pleaded guilty. A third suspect, 32-year-old Jason Baumer, had charges dropped for a lack of evidence.

Jason Baumer - Stearns County Jail
Jason Baumer - Stearns County Jail

Ziwicki pleaded guilty to felony aiding and abetting receiving stolen property for a rash of stolen trailers in the St. Cloud area last summer. The trailers and their contents were valued at more than $37,000.  Ziwicki and Baumer are accused of stealing multiple utility trailers and storing stolen items at area storage units.

Ziwicki also pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting felony theft for stealing more than $2,200 worth of merchandise from the Sauk Centre Walmart in December. Ziwicki, Baumer and 36-year-old James Manks are accused of wheeling carts full of merchandise out of the Walmart Garden Center and leaving the area.

Police pulled over the vehicle where Baumer was the driver. The officer recognized stolen merchandise from the store inside the vehicle and on the roof rack, including a flat screen TV, sound bar, motorized mini bike, and arcade station.

Fake license plates from the state of Washington were found to be covering up Minnesota plates showing Ziwicki as the owner of the SUV.

Baumer and Manks have court hearings scheduled in the coming weeks.

Ziwicki was given a stayed sentence and will now be given a chemical evaluation and screened for drug court after violating the rules of her probation.