MONTICELLO -- A new fitness craze is sweeping the central Minnesota area and WJON Rush Hour hosts Chrissy Gaetke and Richard Leguil are getting in on the action.

"I used to be an amateur fighter. I was critiqued as robotic, in an effort to fix that I started listening to Latin music while I was working on the bag. It was so much fun and thought if I enjoy this I bet other people will too."

And spicy boxing was born. Hallie Leffingwell is the owner of We Thrive Fitness (WTF) gym in Monticello, where the class is held. Spicy boxing combines elements of Latin dance with kickboxing for a full body workout. Leffingwell says she had the help of two friends coming up with the idea.

"I got a couple of friends to help me choreograph it. One is a classically trained dance artist and the other has a history in fitness dance.

The latin dance and kickboxing class is for all skill levels. Leffingwell says don't be intimidated.

"You do not have to be coordinated, you don't have to be in shape. It's dark, we turn off all of the lights, so it's fun! No one cares what you look like, we just want you to come in here, shake it and have a good time."

(Note: For video purposes, the lights were on during the class featured in the above video. Normally, only dance/party lights will be on during a class.)

Spicy boxing is WTF's only drop in class, it's held twice a week and on alternating Saturdays.

"Otherwise we are a members only training facility."

Since starting the class about six months ago, Leffingwell says it has been booked full.

"It's just huge, it really exploded."

Other than spicy boxing, WTF offers other programs such as regular kickboxing and strength training.

Leffingwell says her gym is built around support.

"It's just a great environment, a nice healthy environment for people to reach their fitness goals."

To check out how to sign up for spicy boxing or other programs offered at We Thrive Fitness, follow the link below.

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