Here's a WJON FlashBriefing for June 7, 2017.



HEAT WAVE -- Make sure that air conditioner is working! Temps well into the 90s -- maybe the 100s -- in the southern half of the state. Talk about a sizzler!


NEARLY NAKED MAN -- Police arrested a St. Cloud man Tuesday after he allegedly tried to get into both the baseball and golf complexes at the Municipal Athletic Complex. Acting erratically. Swearing at staff members. Did I mention he was wearing only a small towel at the time? Police eventually caught up with 36-year-old Adam Sundquist, swimming in the nearby Sauk River. Taken to the hospital for an evaluation and then booked into jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct and obstructing police.


FATAL SEMI CRASH -- Even though Benton County officials declined to charge him with a felony, Owatonna semi-truck driver James Cockram faces misdemeanor traffic crimes now. That after his truck rear-ended a taxi at a red light. Two people died as a result and third was hurt. The 61-year-old trucker will face reckless driving and careless driving charges.


EDEN VALLEY-WATKINS REFERENDUM -- Voters in the Eden Valley-Watkins school district have rejected a $12-million dollar bond referendum by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. The district was asking for the cash to upgrade infrastructure, add athletic facilities and beef-up security.


COST OF LIVING -- It was nearly 4-percent cheaper to live in St. Cloud in the first three months of the year than the national average. Cheaper for housing and utilities by a lot. But we pay more for healthcare, groceries, transportation and miscellaneous goods and services.


MILLE LACS FISHING -- A group of fisheries scientist from across America will review the Minnesota DNR's walleye assessment on Mille Lacs Lake. That after resort owner questioned the DNR's assessment of low walleye population. This is the second year anglers have been banned from harvesting walleye because the DNR's fish survey indicates walleye numbers are too low.


COBORN'S BEST BAGGER -- For a second year, Tyler Haselkamp has won Coborn's Best Bagger competition. It's off to state competition in August for the grocery bagger from the Clearwater Coborn's store. He hopes to make it to the nationals in Vegas next year.

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