ST. CLOUD - The St. Cloud city council has unanimously approved the transfer of the liquor license for the Press Bar and Parlor. The council held a public hearing during tonight's (Monday) meeting.

The liquor license has been transferred to Andrew and Jessie Welsh of St. Joseph, who are buying the bar from longtime owners Jim Gillespie and Greg Payne.

Andrew Welsh says they don't plan to make any major changes right away.

We're going to keep it pretty much the same. We're going to add some food, grow the menu a little bit. Paint inside, redo the floors, just clean it up a little bit.

The health department noted the bar had 10 non critical items that needed to addressed. All of those items have either been repaired, or are in the process of getting fixed.

The full transfer of the bar to the new owners is expected to happen in the next few days.