When you think about Lake Superior, what is the first thing you think about? I think agates. Some people think of Duluth, others might be Lake Superior Brewery, and some people however hear the name Lake Superior and they think of surfing. Crazy I know, but that is the truth, and a group of filmmakers created a documentary about those who surf Superior and it's been winning some awards this year.

The film, by 515 Productions, has been winning awards nationwide for its documentary about those who surf the Great Lake. So far in 2022, it's won 16 awards and just last weekend it aired during the Twin Cities Film Festival, during the code red series of films.


Freshwater looks at those who enjoy Lake Superior in non-traditional ways like surfing or underwater photography. The lake itself has been a mainstay for both industry and tourism along the North Shore, and it's really cool to see it being the focus of a documentary.

The year isn't over so there could still be awards coming for the Lake Superior documentary, but time is running out on this year's award season.

515 Productions is a husband and wife team that met in Alaska and started the video and production company in Des Moines, Iowa (hence the 515 name). The owners then moved the company to Minnesota, where the saying goes, the rest is history.

If you are looking for more information about the film, and how you could see it, you can head to 515 Productions website for more details on the film, and other projects the company is working on.

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