Today is National Mac and Cheese day.  Mac & Cheese used to be something that kids primarily ate out of a box with cheese and macaroni.  In the past 20 years mac & cheese now appears on many restaurant menus but not just as the traditional mac & cheese but adult mac & cheese that consists of some pretty great options.  Here is a list of some of the best adult mac & cheese options.

8) Salsa - Pretty simple... add some salsa to your mac & cheese and mix it in.  Works well with boxed mac & cheese options.

7) 4-Cheese  This typically consists of mozzarella, cheddar, swiss, and colby.  Picky kids love this one.

6) Cheeseburger - Pretty simple - Add some ground beef and some ketchup.  This can be a bit aggressive but if you like cheeseburgers you'll like this.

5) Broccoli - Broccoli and cheese go well together. Mac & Cheese is a high calorie food but add some broccoli and you'd added some nutritional value.

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4) Traditional - Hard to go wrong with the old traditional.  Cheese works well with macaroni and if you loved it as a kid you can still love it today.

3) Lobster - Seafood lovers here you go.  Lobster surprisingly goes well with mac & cheese.  I didn't see this coming but it's really good.

2) Buffalo Chicken - This is a combination of two great things... chopped up chicken breasts and buffalo sauce.  I bit to hot for some but pretty great as far as I'm concerned.

1) Bacon - It is no secret that bacon and cheese go well together.  Lots of other foods have proven this.  Mix some cheese, bacon and macaroni together and you've done something.

Enjoy National Mac & Cheese today as an adult or kid.  We were all kids once, right?


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