ST. CLOUD -- You have a chance to meet the likely developer of the current St. Cloud Technical High School property. A "Meet and Greet" with Plymouth-based Dominium Management is scheduled from 5:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday at Tech.

Community Development Director Matt Glaesman says Dominium is the only developer that has shown interest in redeveloping the property.

But that's not alarming.  This is a significant project when you look at the restoration that we're expecting in the 1917 and 1938 portion, there just aren't a lot of folks that do that at that scale, and then also possibly building new buildings along with that as well.

Glaesman says tomorrow's event is just the very early stages of Dominium taking on the redevelopment of the over 100-year school.  He says there has been a lot of work put into possible ideas for the future use of the over 100-year-old school, but ultimately it will be up to the developer to decide what they want to do.

Up until now its simply been the city and the neighborhood and the school district and other stakeholders trying to put a range of ideas on the table, but now it's really up to Dominium who will be footing the bill for this development project and taking on its ownership and management to come back with what they think the right project is.

He says there won't be any designs shown at the meeting. However, they could come forward with a zoning change request to the Planning Commission as soon as in the next few months.

Dominium manages over 30,000 apartments in 22 states. They are the nation's 4th largest provider of affordable housing.

This is the last year Tech is being used as a high school, with the students moving to the new Tech High school this fall.

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