ST. CLOUD -- It's Super Tuesday and caucuses are being held all over the state for the politically-active to show their support for their respective parties.

Supporters of Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders showed up in droves at Talahi Elementary School in St. Cloud.

The crowd was seemingly split between to two candidates -- half choosing to vote for Clinton and the other half opting for Sanders.

Terry Utter of St. Cloud says she is on Bernie's bandwagon because of his consistent and passionate stance on topics.

"[Sanders] has had the same positions for the last 40 years on the issues," Utter says. "And he's actually been willing to go to jail before rather than give in on the issues he feels were important."

Meanwhile, Jerry and Barb LaVoi of St. Cloud say they believe Clinton is the more sensible candidate due to her experience.

"Having been in the White House before, being Secretary of State, being in the Congress -- she should have the background to do the best job," Jerry LaVoi says.

"We think she's the most intelligent and can deal with the issues," Barb LaVoi says. "We don't want a celebrity running our country."

"I like [Sanders'] ideas, I like how he's not quite the 'establishment candidate'," says Justin Wolffing of St. Cloud. "He's more of a realistic person than Clinton -- although, if Bernie doesn't win, it's Clinton because we don't need somebody like (Donald) Trump."

Early reports on Super Tuesday show Hillary Clinton in the lead for Democrats while Donald Trump leading the way for Republicans.