MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A federal lawsuit seeks to reclaim 12 square miles in southern Minnesota for descendants of Dakota Indians.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the great-great-grandchildren of Dakota who helped white settlers during the U.S.-Dakota War 152 years ago.

If the lawsuit succeeds, about 100 farmers in Renville, Sibley and Redwood counties would be among those "ejected" from the area near Morton.

An 1863 act of Congress set aside 12 miles for Dakota who stayed out of the war and aided settlers.

Attorney Erick Kaardal filed the lawsuit on behalf of as many as 20,000 Dakota descendants. Kaardal says if his side wins, Dakota descendants from Nebraska to Canada, who were ordered out of Minnesota after the 1862 war, would be "invited back" to what would be a new reservation.