ST. STEPHEN -- The Sartell - St. Stephen School District has a 42½ acre parcel of land they're looking to sell.

Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert says, the district can't do much with the land lacking city amenities.

"The lack of city sewer and city water on the land, it makes it difficult to build the type of building we'd need out there."

He added servicing district children is another motivating factor behind the sale.

"We're at the point that since we're in this current building process those are some dollars [from the sale] that we could use for providing some services to kids, so we're looking into the possibility of selling that land."

The 42½ acre parcel has been owned by the district for around 20 years. The district had originally intended to build an Elementary School on the site.

Schwiebert says as the district moved forward building on different sites, the needs for the property changed and the land became unnecessary.

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