ST. CLOUD -- Stearns County commissioners got a look at the 2023 proposed budget at their board meeting Tuesday.

The county's budget committee is recommending spending just over $8,000,000 more which is an increase of 4.52%. The resulting tax levy is nearly $3.8-million or an increase of 4.33%.

County officials say the property tax base will grow by 17.6% which will drop the county's tax rate by just over 11%.

However, homeowners will likely feel the pain because the average estimated market value for homes in the county is up 21%. That means the county portion of a residential property will go up. For example, a home valued at $242,000 would see an increase of just over 11% or just under $100 per year.

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The county's proposed budget for 2023 is estimated at just under $187,000,000.

The board of commissioners will look to approve the budget at an upcoming meeting.

By law, the truth-in-taxation hearing must be held before the end of the year. Once the budget is approved, it may be lowered at the truth-in taxation hearing but not increased.

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