ST. JOSEPH - A slight change in course, but the city of St. Joseph is still moving ahead with plans to build a community center.

The city council met on Thursday night and decided to reject a proposed $6 million plan to turn the former Kennedy school into a joint community center and city office building.

Mayor Rick Schultz says the price tag for developing the space was too high. He adds, the idea of a multi-purpose center is not off the table, but the council needs to make sure they weigh their options carefully before making a decision.

He says the city is not interested in "building a building, just to build a building."

Schultz says remaining options include expanding the current government building to include a community center, as well as a 2.5 acre spot along Co. Rd. 75 near the Casey's convenience store.

Schultz says he'd like to see the center built near the downtown St. Joe area to further strengthen a sense of community.