ST. CLOUD -- As bars, restaurants and churches begin to slowly reopen to the public, fitness centers remain closed.

According to Governor Tim Walz gyms may be allowed to open in limited capacity in the next phase of reopening, but it is unknown when that will be.

Greg Gack is the Executive Director of the St. Cloud YMCA. He says while it's been a difficult few months, they've been proactive in staying connected to the community.

During the first two weeks, we created several videos targeting youth as it related to keeping them active. We've also been able to do boot camp training, personal training and group exercises virtually and staying in that connected relationship.

Inside the facility, he says they plan to limit class sizes and have moved equipment to keep social distancing measures.

He says as they move forward they've continued to stay up to date with the latest information.

Overtime it becomes overwhelming filtering through all the information that is out there to make sure we are staying accurate with what those regulations are.

He says while their fitness center remains closed, they have been able to offer some of their services. For example, their day-camps and sports training programs will start in the coming weeks, while following state guidelines.

Gack says they've appreciated the community support during this difficult time and look forward to welcoming their members back into the facility in the near future.

Gyms have been closed since the middle of March.

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