ST. CLOUD -- The holidays are here and the time is right to give to people around us who are less fortunate, and one of the ways you can give back is by ringing a bell.

The Salvation Army of St. Cloud is looking for volunteers for their annual bell ringing program. Laura Douvier is the Kettle Coordinator, she says they're looking for as much help as they can get this season.

"We're hoping to get as many as we can get. We have about 6,000 hours we're hoping to fill. We have a handful of paid ringers to fill in the gaps that volunteers aren't able, but for the most part, it's all volunteers."

The money from the ringers goes into several Salvation Army programs throughout the year. Douvier says they are setting sights high this year with their monetary goal.

"We are hoping to get around $205,000 [from the bell ringing campaign] this year."

She adds, two of their long-time volunteers with the Salvation Army, Bill and Linda Henrichs have put out a challenge to other volunteers groups this season, to see just who can hit the mark of "most hours".

"Whoever has the most hours, they'll cook a meal for that group sometime at the Salvation Army in January for the winners."

It's easy to volunteer for any of their programs, just head to their website and fill out an application. The Bell Ringers are set to ring right up to Christmas Eve.

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