ST. CLOUD -- As retail stores work to re-stock the shelves with toilet paper, the city of St. Cloud is reminding everyone that only toilet paper can be flushed.

Tracy Hodel is the city's Public Services Director. She says paper towels, napkins, and even "flushable" wipes are not going to break down in the sanitary sewer system.

If you are flushing those paper products down your toilet, Hodel says you're just asking for trouble.

Hodel says if your pipes get blocked, you'll likely have raw sewage backing up into your basement and your home. She says that's a public health risk and expensive remediation.

Homeowners are responsible for the sewer lines from their house until it meets the city's sewer main under the street.

Hodel says they've been stepping up their cleaning efforts to make sure the increase in paper products being found in the sewer mains isn't building up.

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