ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man faces sex trafficking charges after he allegedly used a woman to prostitute herself while he was in jail.

According to the criminal complaint 31-year-old Victor Shelton was arrested in Benton County back in January for outstanding warrants.

While in jail his phone calls were monitored by St. Cloud Police in connection to a separate investigation. During that time police became aware Shelton was having a woman sell herself for sex and giving him the money between January and April.

Court records show the woman was scared of the men she was meeting and told Shelton she didn't want to do it anymore. Shelton told the woman he was going to get other girls to do the work and she would manage the girls.

On April 30th, investigators spoke to the woman who admitted to performing the sex acts and sending Shelton the money.

Shelton denied knowing the woman was involved in prostitution.

He's being charged with soliciting or inducing an individual to practice prostitution, receiving profits from prostitution and engaging in sex trafficking of an individual.

His first court appearance is scheduled for August 6th.