The jury is likely to have a verdict soon.  That according to Central Minnesota lawyer Mike Bryant from Bradshaw & Bryant.  He joined me on WJON today to talk about the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Bryant says there's a difference between what's discoverable and what's admissible.  He says discoverable could be all sorts of things about a person's background and the question is whether that's admissible to the jury.  Bryant says the judge typically weighs whether that's more probative than prejudicial which means that it has more valuable to the jury or it's too prejudicial that it shouldn't come to the jury.  He says if this background information isn't relevant to the jury or the person's testimony the judge will keep that information out.

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Bryant expects the jury to decide very soon and wouldn't predict what the verdict will be.  He says many people have been commenting on this trial without viewing the videos which leads to lots of misinformation on multiple media outlets.  Bryant says he doesn't think anyone will be able to prove that Rittenhouse intended to kill a bunch of people that day.  He says the defense put him on the stand with the possible ability to gain sympathy from the jury, and explains some things and why he did them.  Bryant says the defense really had to put him on the stand.

If you'd like to listen to my full conversation with Mike Bryant it is available below.



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