ST. CLOUD -- The nursing staff at St. Cloud Hospital has done something only 60 other hospitals have done worldwide -- achieve Magnet Status multiple times.

Magnet Status is a recognition that the American Nurses Credentialing Center gives to a health care provider after reaching certain expectations.

Juli Brackett is an nurse at the St. Cloud Hospital and says they have been re-designated as Magnet Status three times since 2004.

"We are recognized for the achievements we have made and continue to advance our practice, education and knowledge that we have," says Brackett.

The St. Cloud Hospital is one of three hospitals in the state (along with the Mayo Clinic and Abbott Northwestern Hospital) to be designated as Magnet Status.

"With each designation our criteria and expectations are much high," says Brackett.

Brackett says the staff takes pride in their work and Magnet Status couldn't be achieved without the help of the whole facility.

"There is so much pride to be Magnet Designated because you work hard for it, you really do," says Brackett.

Brackett says that even though they know the expectations are greater they are preparing for the next designation.

"We know where we have to go, we know what we have to accomplish and we are already working on that too."


Nurses at CentraCare Health going through a busy day. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)