ST. CLOUD -- An east side St. Cloud hair salon is stepping up to fill a void in the community by offering wigs to cancer patients and others in need.

Hair to Stay Salon in partnership with Wigs for Women is now offering wigs through the foundation's voucher program.

Alissa Martin and Miranda Gajeski own Hair to Stay Salon. Gajeski says the voucher program helps women who have experienced hair loss due to a medical condition, such as cancer, get wigs for free.

"When Wigs for Women decides they want to give someone a wig, they come with a voucher to us and they get to leave with a wig or custom order a wig. So it's really really important, it's not just for cancer, it's for alopecia or any hair loss due to medical reasons. That's the biggest number one reason why we did the wig portion. That and there is nowhere to get it in town, not everyone wants to drive to the cities [Twin Cities] to get it [wigs] and it was calling in a need to this community."

Since Pyramid Beauty Supply in Waite Park closed last August, central Minnesota has been left without a major supplier for wigs, extensions and other hair pieces. Now that Hair to Stay Salon has been able to get the same products through Hair Couture, that void has been filled.

Gajeski says that even if you don't have a voucher from Wigs for Women you can still get wigs and other hair accessories through the salon.

"We have real, complete 100 percent real [hair] wigs that are ranging from $120 - $210 but all completely real. Some of them can even be lifted, colored and things like that. You can also order them custom colored. Then you can go from the shorter, petite wigs, kind of nipped and tucked pixie cut wigs anywhere from $30 - $50 it's phenomenal the price that it sits at and you can get real [hair] ones or fake [hair] ones at that price."

Longer hair wigs are going to be in the $210 range. Outside of medical reasons, several people look at wigs for professional purposes, for the convenience of not having to style their hair every day and for costumes as well.

However, wigs have changed throughout the years. Gajeski says now wigs are very comfortable to wear but they haven't always been such a nice alternative.

"Back in the day wigs used to be very heavy, itchy and gross to be honest with you. They would tend to stink because they were so heavy. These look like they are a nylon that is being held on. They are a mesh top, very lightweight, breathable, they're fantastic."

Hair to Stay Salon also has hair pieces available that only cover a portion of your head. Martin says this is a good option for someone struggling with alopecia and might have hair loss on only certain sections of their head.

Both women agree they are excited to be able to bring wigs back to central Minnesota for Wigs for Women recipients and for anyone who just wants to wear a wig.

Hair to Stay Salon sent out their first wig to a Wigs for Women recipient Tuesday. They've been stocking wigs in store for about three weeks.

The salon has been known for their involvement with Wigs for Women for years. Gajeski is a board member and since opening nearly three years ago Hair to Stay Salon has organized a fundraiser every year to benefit the non-profit.

Another fundraiser is in the works stay tuned, Gajeski and Martin have plans to announce the details soon.

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